Well, this is a personal blog designed as a platform for me to open up my life to people (which is quite rare for me), and use “the pen”, if you will, to ponder through life’s journey, and prayerfully help someone avoid some of the mistakes I make and turn to God when the going gets tough.

Behind the Name:

I am unapologetically Christian: madly in love with God and unwilling to compromise our relationship in order to meet the standards of a misguided, self-worshipping, and idolatrous culture. Yes, I will never apologize for my faith, for I am unapologetically Christian.

I am unapologetically Christian: defined by my need to repent; filled with filth, hypocrisy, and lust. All you know is my conviction, my passion, my covert—all of which are truly me, but I call myself a liar all the time. But still, I will never apologize for my name, for I am unapologetically Christian.

I believe undoubtedly that I am God’s son. Words can’t express how much Jesus’s saving work means to a sinner like me. But I have to remind myself constantly that I AM NOT a product of the devil’s work. As much as it affects me, I don’t have to be defined by that.

If you know me personally, if you’re a friend on Facebook, here you will see that my actions don’t always reflect what I preach, my thoughts aren’t always Christ-driven, I’m not always strong, I’m not always secure, I don’t always make the wisest decisions…which is partly why I believe so strongly. I am truly and unapologetically Christian…in both senses of the term.


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