A Love Story

Enduring, But Not Okay…

I have been trying to write this post in many ways since December of last year. So much has happened in that time frame that I must warn you: This post functions more like a brief chapter in a book; so if you do not care, then feel free to skim. (Many people have suggested that I write a book, and I just might.) But here we go… Continue reading “A Love Story”


The Night I Gave Up

Why, God? As if my life isn’t hard enough. I already struggle to do well in my day-to-day life, but when I’m finally able to get a clear head on my shoulders and approach life with a determination to succeed, then everything has to go wrong in ways far worse than they normally do. I’m sick of this. Continue reading “The Night I Gave Up”

Two-Sided Life

Lesson: Acknowledging the Good

We tend to give people this one-sided view of our lives. This image of beautiful satisfaction or immeasurable disdain. Sometimes true, sometimes false, but always an unequal depiction of truth. I’ve noticed myself at times wishing my life was more like someone else’s. Someone who only chooses to capture the highs of their life–the beautiful satisfaction. But I also see that I’ve succumbed to the same trap. Continue reading “Two-Sided Life”

Tainted Trust

Lesson: Holding On to that Ounce of Faith

Honestly, I hate summer. I know that’s weird. It’s supposed to be the season of freedom—free from mounds of obligation and allotted the time necessary for reprieve in order to start afresh in the fall. But summer has never been that for me. Continue reading “Tainted Trust”

Passion for the Least of Them

Lesson: Learning to Expressively Care for Those We Overlook

Just yesterday, I posted the following status on Facebook:

When was the last time you sought to find out who someone is before writing them off? You never know how much damage you can do to someone when you simply don’t think about how to actively and expressively love them. What you say is important. What you don’t say is important. How you say it is important. Live life intentionally, and care for everyone. Not just those in your inner circles—everyone.

Continue reading “Passion for the Least of Them”

Beautiful, Unmerited Grace

Lesson: Understanding the Story of Failure

I’m going to be forthcoming for once. For the past two and half years, I’ve ended each day with incredibly deeply rooted regrets. I’ve ended every day upset with myself, wondering why I didn’t do more, why I haven’t performed better, why I just can’t get it right. I’ve loved myself under the premise and with the understanding that God loves me. But I’ve hated myself with immeasurable hate even more. All of my flaws, failures, slipups, pains, weaknesses, emptiness, brokenness. I’ve stretched myself thin.
Continue reading “Beautiful, Unmerited Grace”

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